Blogging services for business owners who are serious about turning readers into paying customers.


…Because that’s what you really want, isn’t it?

Content that helps you make more money.

You’re in luck, my friend, because that happens to be my specialty.

I understand marketing and use words to drive real results for your business and help you win new customers. 

Want proof?

I started my own blog, and using my content strategy, I got 10.4K views on a single post. And I’ve built an audience (including people who have paid for my products – all because of my blog).

I’m not like the other freelancers you’ve worked with who just write to a word count.

And I won’t litter your blog posts with business jargon (ew) and stuff them with a ton of spammy SEO keywords.

But let’s talk more numbers.

If you’re wondering what kind of results my blog posts can get for your business, here are some examples:

This post got 1.7K shares on social media.

This post was featured on the front page of

This post was shared 3,700 times on social media.

This post was featured on BizSugar’s Top 10 List.

This post got picked up by LinkedIn Pulse.

This post was mentioned on Inquisitr, which put it in front of 55K people on Twitter and 2.4 million people on Facebook

And I don’t just write when you hire me. I also:

  • Research to pinpoint blog post topics that will get your audience talking
  • Pitch blog topic ideas based on your audience
  • Optimize your blog posts for search engines (don’t worry – no keyword stuffing!)
  • Format your posts for easy readability
  • Include screenshots/links to make the post more data-driven when it needs to be
  • Choose a blog post title designed to get attention on social media
  • Hire an editor to proofread my posts so they’re error-free.

If the post has my byline, I’ll promote it by sharing it with my social media following too!

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking:

Sounds great! …And expensive.

You’re right. My blog posts aren’t cheap.

But I charge high rates because I care about my work and the success of my clients. A lot. 

I obsess over hitting every deadline and only produce the BEST work (which is probably why I’ve worked with Neil Patel, written for major sites like ProBlogger, and been recommended by big companies like Connectwise!).

And I know how long it takes to write an in-depth, well-researched blog post that gets results for your business (a LONG damn time!).

So my blog posts are typically…

(drum roll please!)

$200-$400 each 

If you’re ready to invest in content that helps you turn readers into paying customers, reach out.

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